Saturday fun!

key_art_saturday_night_liveOh yea! So I cant wait, I’m just so excited, im gonna burst out with glee like I’m going down the dragster!topthrillAnd ya wanna know why? Can you keep a secret, I’m not sure…hmmmchimpanzee_thinking_poster…can you keep the secret? Ok! I’m, I’m, I’mlook_both_waysgoin to see a movie at my AWESOMENESS Church!!! YEAH!!! My BFFLAAE might come too, but I’m not sure yet, I have to call. And if she does, maybe she can spend the night. Cause that would be TOTALLY groovySo, I’m just gonna wait. Tick tock, tick tock100_17506_lg159px-clock_towerclock_tickingok, im bored of waiting. So, im just gonna go into the future and watch it. Buckle up!psy_vortexSWOOSH!!!600x400_movie1YIPPEE, just in time, so I’ll make a new blog later, and let me watch the show, PEACE!!


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