America rich…or poor?

They say America is the richest gold-bars-636 country there is. But if were so rich, how come so many people are poor?

Picture yourself were you live in a home, that can’t support you’re family. You mom and dad don’t have a lot of money. And the days you don’t feel good, there faces are in worry. You wonder why there faces are like that. That’s because there afraid you have to go to the hospital. And if you do, they can’t afford the ER room. And most likely, you’ll be left their in your home, having your family pray for you that you live.

Some days you may feel your life is nothing, you don’t belong here, and your parents don’t want you. If you were nothing, you would have never been born, if you didn’t belong here, you wouldn’t be human, and if your parents didn’t want you, they would of not kept you. If you feel like this a lot, ask your parents to buy you a journalwriting-journal-pen-ink-big-web, or make one. Think of name, just a regular name. Then act like that’s your friend that no one else knows about, only you, and write to the person you only know about, and tell them what’s bothering you. Then keep it in a safe place were no one could find it.


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