Don’t pollute

Okay, when your mom/dad buys you a candy bar,415n8hhfzcl_sl500_aa280_and you eat the whole entire thing in the car. And you wait until you reach your house to throw it away. When you reach your house and get out of the car, do you:

A. Throw it on the ground


B. Throw it away responsibley

Hopfully you chose B, because if you chose A, there is something wronge with, in a bad way. You should never pollute out earth!air-pollution-systemsWhat has the Earth ever did to you? Anyway, don’t pollute our earth, its very dangerous. Your hurting the enviorment, the animals, our oxegyn, even your life. Never pollute. and if you do, you probally want our earth to look like this:

Coastal pollutionI know I don’t want the earth to be like that. You have to care, and if you don’t, I’ll be happy to come to your house, and bring all my trash in my garbage and dump it in your room, then I’ll my cat Spirit use the bathroom in your room. And when my cat Spirit uses the bathroom, it smells really bad. Soanti-littering_logolike that bug, be cleangreenhealth_06_mrcleanlike him.

Look at China, this is what they breathe in everyday, because they have so many factories there. See look at the photo.ap_china_pollution_071218_msSOmetimes they have to wear surgery mask, just so there lungs don’t get filled with that, and heres another photonm_china_pollution_070427_ms. Yea, I feel really bad for them, because that decreases your life, because your breathing in all that poison.

So remember, thinkgreen.


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