No school?

OMG!!!  I have no school today, and theres nothing that will make me tell you why…Okay ill tell you anyway. My school…caught…on…FIRE!!! LIKE OMG. GOTCHA!! I was just joking about the fire. The REAL reason we have no school is because it’s so flipn’ cold outside. So I’m really excited about that. And here are some pictrues that follow this subject.

6c3a3-freezing684_cold_white_duck_shiveringas5605tnaugust1913vt6bigtimeattic_cold_rulerbundledupcold-christmas-carollerfreezingperson-freezingpresident-homer-simpson-1Oops, wrong photo. Well anyway. I can’t believe I have no school, and that means…no ELA!! yea! (I hate ELA) And i’m  so happy because I can stay in my house and just basically watch TV, play the Wii, or Read. And your probally saying, ” Ewww…Who like to read?” Well, I’m reading a scary book heres the front cover of it.10738939Yeah, and so far, its getting good. And the book is really thick. So yea. Well peace.


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