David fan

OMG. If you watched American Idol last year, and when they were announcing the winner, They were like, “The winner is…David…(Paused)…David…Cook!” I screamed my head off. Cause like David COOK is awesome, even ask my best friend Alissa. Heres like the best song:

Isn’t it so good! I love that song. It’s like off the Chain CB034303HEEHEE, get it? Off the Chain, I put a picture of a chain, heehee..yea it’s not funny. But like, David cook is awesome!

copy-of-david_cook1And is you can’t really see, The guy on your LEFT is saying, “I like ponys and Unicorns.”

and his shirt says I Heart ponys

The awesomenessest guy on the RIGHT is saying in his head, “Your so stupid”

Well tell all your friends about this site, cause this site is so awesomerific!!


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