February 26, 2009

If your wondering why I haven’t been posting a blog yet, thats none of your bushiness. Anyway… Lets play the FORTUNE TELLER!!!imagesOk.

Here are the colors: Silver, Red, Orange, and Yellow.

If you picked (pick a color) here are you numbers:

Silver: 6, 2, 9, and hola

Red: 9, 2, 6, hola

Orange: 5, 7, 8, hi

Yellow: 9, 2, 6, hola


If you picked:

2: Your socks un-tied

6: You’ll puke toe nails for 3 days

Hola:The air likes you. And so do sharpies!

9: You’ll drown in a puddle.

5: You’ll high-jack your family members car.

Hi: You’ll sleep on a tooth brush

7:You’ll trip on a pebble

8: You’ll see your face, and then flick your nose.


Twilight Ubsesions

January 25, 2009

I (Heart) TwilightSome, and by some, I mean Most people are obsessed with Twilight right now. And people have the feb8_1hottopictwittwilightdelight, and stuff like that. So, yah. Well I just wanted to make a blog about Twilight. P.S. I’m gonna read the book, and then compare to the movie.

Saturday fun!

January 24, 2009

key_art_saturday_night_liveOh yea! So I cant wait, I’m just so excited, im gonna burst out with glee like I’m going down the dragster!topthrillAnd ya wanna know why? Can you keep a secret, I’m not sure…hmmmchimpanzee_thinking_poster…can you keep the secret? Ok! I’m, I’m, I’mlook_both_waysgoin to see a movie at my AWESOMENESS Church!!! YEAH!!! My BFFLAAE might come too, but I’m not sure yet, I have to call. And if she does, maybe she can spend the night. Cause that would be TOTALLY groovySo, I’m just gonna wait. Tick tock, tick tock100_17506_lg159px-clock_towerclock_tickingok, im bored of waiting. So, im just gonna go into the future and watch it. Buckle up!psy_vortexSWOOSH!!!600x400_movie1YIPPEE, just in time, so I’ll make a new blog later, and let me watch the show, PEACE!!

America rich…or poor?

January 19, 2009

They say America is the richest gold-bars-636 country there is. But if were so rich, how come so many people are poor?

Picture yourself were you live in a home, that can’t support you’re family. You mom and dad don’t have a lot of money. And the days you don’t feel good, there faces are in worry. You wonder why there faces are like that. That’s because there afraid you have to go to the hospital. And if you do, they can’t afford the ER room. And most likely, you’ll be left their in your home, having your family pray for you that you live.

Some days you may feel your life is nothing, you don’t belong here, and your parents don’t want you. If you were nothing, you would have never been born, if you didn’t belong here, you wouldn’t be human, and if your parents didn’t want you, they would of not kept you. If you feel like this a lot, ask your parents to buy you a journalwriting-journal-pen-ink-big-web, or make one. Think of name, just a regular name. Then act like that’s your friend that no one else knows about, only you, and write to the person you only know about, and tell them what’s bothering you. Then keep it in a safe place were no one could find it.

Don’t pollute

January 17, 2009

Okay, when your mom/dad buys you a candy bar,415n8hhfzcl_sl500_aa280_and you eat the whole entire thing in the car. And you wait until you reach your house to throw it away. When you reach your house and get out of the car, do you:

A. Throw it on the ground


B. Throw it away responsibley

Hopfully you chose B, because if you chose A, there is something wronge with, in a bad way. You should never pollute out earth!air-pollution-systemsWhat has the Earth ever did to you? Anyway, don’t pollute our earth, its very dangerous. Your hurting the enviorment, the animals, our oxegyn, even your life. Never pollute. and if you do, you probally want our earth to look like this:

Coastal pollutionI know I don’t want the earth to be like that. You have to care, and if you don’t, I’ll be happy to come to your house, and bring all my trash in my garbage and dump it in your room, then I’ll my cat Spirit use the bathroom in your room. And when my cat Spirit uses the bathroom, it smells really bad. Soanti-littering_logolike that bug, be cleangreenhealth_06_mrcleanlike him.

Look at China, this is what they breathe in everyday, because they have so many factories there. See look at the photo.ap_china_pollution_071218_msSOmetimes they have to wear surgery mask, just so there lungs don’t get filled with that, and heres another photonm_china_pollution_070427_ms. Yea, I feel really bad for them, because that decreases your life, because your breathing in all that poison.

So remember, thinkgreen.

David fan

January 16, 2009

OMG. If you watched American Idol last year, and when they were announcing the winner, They were like, “The winner is…David…(Paused)…David…Cook!” I screamed my head off. Cause like David COOK is awesome, even ask my best friend Alissa. Heres like the best song:

Isn’t it so good! I love that song. It’s like off the Chain CB034303HEEHEE, get it? Off the Chain, I put a picture of a chain, heehee..yea it’s not funny. But like, David cook is awesome!

copy-of-david_cook1And is you can’t really see, The guy on your LEFT is saying, “I like ponys and Unicorns.”

and his shirt says I Heart ponys

The awesomenessest guy on the RIGHT is saying in his head, “Your so stupid”

Well tell all your friends about this site, cause this site is so awesomerific!!

No school?

January 16, 2009

OMG!!!  I have no school today, and theres nothing that will make me tell you why…Okay ill tell you anyway. My school…caught…on…FIRE!!! LIKE OMG. GOTCHA!! I was just joking about the fire. The REAL reason we have no school is because it’s so flipn’ cold outside. So I’m really excited about that. And here are some pictrues that follow this subject.

6c3a3-freezing684_cold_white_duck_shiveringas5605tnaugust1913vt6bigtimeattic_cold_rulerbundledupcold-christmas-carollerfreezingperson-freezingpresident-homer-simpson-1Oops, wrong photo. Well anyway. I can’t believe I have no school, and that means…no ELA!! yea! (I hate ELA) And i’m  so happy because I can stay in my house and just basically watch TV, play the Wii, or Read. And your probally saying, ” Ewww…Who like to read?” Well, I’m reading a scary book heres the front cover of it.10738939Yeah, and so far, its getting good. And the book is really thick. So yea. Well peace.


January 11, 2009

Okay. I made my own story, and I really like this one. Read it, I swear you’ll like it. It is just way to good to refuse. Read it, it is good.

P.S. It’s fiction (not real)

The secret of a


It’s been 9 weeks since school started. And I’m in High School. I’m waiting for my best friend Charm to arrive.

Charm walks in the door, and I yell her name, she notices me and comes over, but she’s bringing her friend Katrina with her. I dislike Katrina. She has black hair, very deep (dark) brown eyes, and wears tethered clothing all the time. But Charm has brownish, blondish hair, has blue eyes, wears blue, green, yellow, and sometimes pink shirts and wears jeans most of the time. But like they say, opposites attract.

It’s know lunch time, and as usual, Charm sits next to Katrina. Were eating lunch and me and Charm are laughing, but Katrina sits there with no smile with a dark gray cloud over her head. Katrina never smiles, let’s just say she’s a…a…a…unusual person. So me and Charm keep talking and talking, until…


The lunch bell went off at 10:00 a.m.and know its second hour geography. I hate second hour, third hour and last hour, because Katrina has the same class with me and Charm. So know second hour began, and as usual, Charm and Katrina use the bathroom at 10:07 mostly everyday except Wednesdays. They arrive back 9 minutes later EXCATLY. I wonder what’s up. Charm never used the bathroom mostly every day with Katrina. Something’s fishy, and I’m gonna find out.

In third hour math, I notice Charm isn’t paying any attention to the teacher and she used to in 8th grade, so then I look at Katrina, she’s not paying attention too. Wait, she never pays attention. But it is so strange because their both drawing.

I never knew Charm liked to draw; she never even mentioned it to me and were best friends. I wonder what’s wrong with her, she hasn’t been acting herself. The only time she acts different is when Katrina isn’t around. I think Katrina might have something to do with this.

Know it’s almost fourth hour and no Katrina. YES!!! While I’m getting my books out of my locker, I notice Katrina walking by nervously; I never knew Katrina actually had feelings. Then I saw Charm talking to Katrina, and they bothed rushed into the bathroom as quick as they could. I followed them without making a noise. When I walk in the bathroom very quietly, I hear Katrina telling Charm “What am I going to do?” Then I got scared and tip toed out very quietly.

The next day, I realize Katrina didn’t come to school. So I knew this was my only chance to ask Charm what’s going on. So after last hour I ask her, “How come you always act so different 1rst, 3rd and last hour when Katrina isn’t here?”

“This doesn’t involve you, so leave me alone.” Charm growled at me. She’s never spoken to me like that ever sine we became friends in the 1rst grade.

Luckily tomorrow is Friday, and Katrina always ditches school Friday, so this is my last chance to ask Charm what’s up. Hopefully I’ll make the bull zie. So during lunch I ask her, “Tell me what’s up, you act so different know. You never acted like this in 8th grade 7th grade and so on, something’s up, and I want the truth. So you better not lie.”

“Fine, come with me.” Charm said quietly.

She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the girl’s bathroom. She started to act nervously.

“The reason I act different know is because…(GULP)…I’m not exactly from here anymore. I’m from a different world. I’m not mortal.”

“What? That doesn’t make any sense. How can you not be mortal? You were born as a human; I saw your birth certificate.” I said anxiously

“That’s the point, In the summer time, I was looking up angels, and I saw this page and clicked on it, it told me to say this: DODO BE FLY UMONG THE GROUND FRUGAL GRASS REGIO FLADOODLES POOF. And then it said jump in the air and clap to come down. I jumped and then I noticed I had angel wings on my back, then I got scared and clapped, then I went to the ground safely and then my wings disappeared. Then it said on the internet page, I was hooked up with Katrina as my guardian for the rest of my life.”

“Prove you’re an angel then, jump and then clap.” I said. She jumped in the air and sprouted white, furry, beautiful, soft wings. Then she clapped. I was flabbergasted. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. Then just as I was thinking of Charm as an angel, she spoke.

“You can’t tell anyone this.”

“What If I do?” I said confused

“Fang (the ruler of the angel world) would come to me at midnight and rip my wings out and steal my soul and then I would die. But Katrina, she, on the other hand, has different colored wings. She has black wings. She’s from the dark side of the angel world. There were no more good angels so I had to be hooked a dark one.”

“Does Katrina know you told me?”

“Yes, but If I were to tell another person, Fang (the ruler of the angel world) would come to me at midnight and rip my wings out of the sockets and steal my soul and then I would die. Katrina ain’t aloud tell anyone, not even one mortal, if she were tell any mortal, the same thing would happen because she was born as a dark angel. If I was born as an angel and if I were tell a mortal, my wings would be ripped out of the sockets and my soul would be taken and I would die. Here, read this real quick, it’s the manual of being an angel:”

Fangs Rules of the

Angel World

· Only can tell one mortal, if told more then one, your

wings will be ripped out of your sockets, and you soul will be

taken, and you’ll be left there to die.

· Angels who were born as an angel cannot tell anyone or

your wings will be ripped out of your sock its,

and you soul

will be taken, and you’ll be left there to die.

· Cannot unfold your wings outside in public, only indoors, if

that rule is broken, you’ll be sent to jail for 24 hours in the

angel world.

· Cannot eat liver because if you do, you’ll explode

· Cannot do any magic 20 inches away from a mortal,

anything above 20 you can do magic

· Magic is prohibited in water

· Many more rules of the angel world, there’s 573 more, if

need to ask about one, contact


“Wow that must be rough.” I said. “But, know that I think of it, it’s kind of cool having an angel as a friend. But how come you didn’t want me to know?”

“Cause I didn’t think you could keep the secret. And I was scared to tell you, cause I thought if I told you, you may not want to be my friend anymore cause you might of thought I was a sye-co.

“Well, you can trust me. I won’t tell anyone.”

81 years later

Today was the funeral of Charm, she was 96 years old like me. I still remember her secret she told me. I haven’t told anyone since. She died in her bed peacefully. The day of when she told me still races through my head each day of my life. I’ll cherish her secret until it’s my time to take the stairway to heaven and see her once again.

Important message

Never keep secrets from your best friends. If you know your friend can keep a secret, tell them.

The longer you keep a big secret from your real friends,

the more you’ll drift in the ocean.

-Justine16:03 p.m.